Do I Have a Problem?

If you ask yourself that question, then chances are that you are in need of the services provided at St. Petersburg Alcohol and Drug Treatment. There are ways to determine if our treatments can help direct you to living a fulfilled life free from addiction.

•Do you take drugs or alcohol on a daily basis just to get through the day?

•Have you ever missed work or other important meetings due to drug or alcohol abuse?

•Have your friends become those who also abuse drugs and alcohol?

•Have you ever had episodes where you blacked-out or don’t remember what happened for a period of time when taking drugs or drinking alcohol?

•Do your friends and family worry about your drug and alcohol use and think you may have a problem?

•Have you ever tried to stop taking drugs or drinking alcohol and find that you went back to using them?

•Do you take drugs or drink alcohol by yourself?

•Has the abuse of a substance kept you from socializing or doing the things that you love to do because the pull of the substances are too great?

•Do you constantly think about getting high?

If you answer positively to these questions don’t wait any longer to find the help you need. Call us today at St. Petersburg Alcohol and Drug Treatment programs at 727-753-9565 today and we will help you take back your life, get on the road to full recovery, and manage any addiction or addiction-related problems that you have.

It starts with one moment of commitment from you and one phone call to us. Start today.


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