Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Saint Petersburg, Florida

We have a full staff of licensed physicians and therapists that assist patients with the process of getting their lives back on track. The Rehabilitation programs focus on keeping the patient clean and sober for a lifetime, while understanding that set-backs may occur. There is never any blame; just a supportive system of understanding what occurred and developing coping skills to prevent reoccurrences.

By calling us at St. Petersburg, 272-753-3565, the journey to sobriety can start today. An individualized program will be developed and implemented taking into consideration personal and directed treatment options to guide you on the road to recovery. Rehabilitation services include:

•12-step program – a proven method of understanding and forgiving yourself for the alcohol or drug addiction and using steps to ensure a complete recovery.

•Individual counseling – addiction is a personal issue. Trained therapists help the patent get to the root cause of the addiction so healing can begin.

•Recreational activities – once the body begins to feel good and strong again, participation in activities that enhance sobriety and self-esteem begin.

•Life skills training – coping with the issues that crop up every day is the way to manage a drug or alcohol free lifestyle. Life skills training starts with re-learning the skills that support a productive life.

•Peer recovery support groups – many lessons can be learned from peers, and the support they provide is invaluable as participants reach out to support each other’s recovery.

•Yoga, meditation and Tai Chi – stilling the spiritual and emotional aspects of our bodies is important in handling life’s problems. Learning holistic approaches to remaining free from drugs support spiritual, mental and physical healing.

•Acupuncture – another aspect of holistic healing using modalities that strengthen the spiritual body.

•Music and Art therapy – creative outlets often allow an individual to express themselves when words cannot be found.

•Stress reduction – managing stressful conditions and situations is an important part of the healing and sobriety maintenance process.

•Massage therapy – massage goes along with the reduction of stress and tension that can build up in our bodies.

•Family system workshop – addiction becomes a problem for the whole family, and they should be included in the healing process.

•Road Less Traveled Christian-based treatment program – placing trust in a higher power eases the transition from addiction to spiritual health.

Calling the St. Petersburg Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program today at 727-753-9565 is the first step to a new life free of the bonds of addiction and feeling hopeless.

St. Petersburg Alcohol and Drug Treatment Facility

We offer other programs at St. Petersburg, because we realize that alcohol and drug addiction do not always present as isolated issues.


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