Alcohol and Drug Detox Saint Petersburg, Florida

It starts with one inhalation, or sniff or other means of ingesting a drug or alcoholic product. No one who tries any type of drug or alcohol intends to become addicted. Most people trying an intoxicating substance believe that they will be able to handle occasional use of the substance. Unfortunately, too often what started as a recreational high takes over a person’s life and causes destruction for the person and their families. Finances are destroyed and families broken. That is why the professionals at St. Petersburg Alcohol and Drug Treatment programs are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 727-753-9565.

A person can easily get hooked on drugs or alcohol because they think it helps them find escape and release from everyday pressures and problems. To make matters worse, it is so easy to find intoxicating substances in St. Petersburg. In times of high unemployment drugs are more prevalent than ever. What happens, however, is that once a person gets hooked their financial problems only get worse since the money goes towards the drugs and alcohol instead of living expenses.

Drug and Alcohol Detoxification (Detox) Programs

There is help at the St. Petersburg alcohol and drug detox programs. But a person first has to realize that the substances have taken over their lives. One telephone call to 727-753-9565 will put a person on the road to recovery. The road will not be easy and there will be many challenges. That is why we are available 24 hours a day, even during the holidays.

The programs at St. Petersburg focus on alcohol detox and drug detox. We provide treatment and support in several areas.

•Dual Diagnosis – often a person presents with more than one problem. There could be drug addiction coupled with a mental disability, or both alcohol and drug addiction requiring detox.

•Medical Detoxification Programs – very often the drug detox and alcohol detox must be accomplished with medical supervision and support.

•Support and Education Groups – detoxing the body from a substance is only the first step. Education and support helps the person maintain sobriety.

•Transitional Living Program – getting a life back on track often involves building a person from the ground up and requiring housing and life skills programs.

We help a person break the chains of addiction with skilled nursing and medical staff, social workers and a support staff that manages the withdrawal symptoms along with the physical and emotional aspects of addiction and sobriety.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Services

Studies on drug and alcohol treatment recidivism performed by many states and behavioral health research institutes state that people addicted to alcohol have a recidivism rate, or return to treatment rate, of approximately 50 percent, while those addicted to drugs have a recidivism rate of over 60 percent. That is why the road to recovery and sobriety is one that requires many outreach and life support services.

St. Petersburg Alcohol and Drug Treatment support services are only a phone call away at 272-753-3565 seven days a week, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. It takes a lot of support and life management for alcohol detox and drug detox programs to work. The issues the dedicated counselors and medical staff at St. Petersburg Alcohol and Drug Treatment facilities face include the fact that the downward spiral of addiction is complex.

Alcohol and drug addiction is as much a mental problem as a physical one. The body may crave the substance, but the mental attachment also plays a major role in why the person becomes addicted in the first place. Substance abuse tricks the mind into believing that all problems go away. It makes a person feel serene for the moment. That is why breaking the hold of the addiction mentally is more challenging than just providing alcohol detox and drug detox of the body. A holistic approach of treating the physical along with the mental addiction issues results in positive outcomes at St. Petersburg Alcohol and Drug Program.


Each person will respond to their addiction in an individual way. Sobriety from alcohol and drugs is an individual process. Detox from alcohol is different than detox from drugs, as the brain absorbs the substances differently. The fully-trained medical staff at St. Petersburg Alcohol and Drug Treatment program guides a person’s transition from the physical addiction of alcohol or drug addiction to being fully free, or detoxed, from the substances. Medical intervention is available to handle any dual-diagnosis issues such as the need for psychotropic drugs or other problems requiring close medical monitoring. The addicted person goes through the detox programs surrounded by medical and other care-giving staff in a safe and supported environment.

Getting the body fully clean and free from substance is the first step in the recovery process. St. Petersburg Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program then transitions the person into an intensive rehabilitation program to deal with the mental effects of drug and alcohol addiction.


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